Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sherlyn Chopra

Hi,I was born on 11th Feb.Are you curious to know which year?Take a guess.............Got it?.....If not,take a few more guesses......I shall reveal it towards the end of my letter.
I was a very studious person as a school going kid.Being the school topper and excelling in extra-curricular activities were my trade mark.
I looked like an ugly duckling and wore thick reading glasses.My books were my best friends.If I ever found anyone cheating in my class during a test/exam,I would quickly inform my teacher.No wonder I had no friends!I was really boring as a kid.Seriously!
But then one day,the catterpillar got in the process of converting into a butterfly.Not a regular butterfly....The kind which is called 'Outrageous'.You must check out the images of the Metamorphosis of Sherlyn.You will know what I'm talkng about.
After I came to Mumbai in December 2004,I signed a few projects which I call my 'hot blunders'.I was quite vulnerable then and also naive.I am glad I made those blunders.Coz today I value excellence.And I work honestly & earnestly to kill mediocrity in & around my life.

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