Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lindsay Lohan to Ankle Monitor: Scram, Loser!

Lindsay Lohan to Ankle Monitor: Scram, Loser!

Lindsay Lohan and her ankle monitor have become extremely close lately, but this is one confidant the actress is looking to cut loose as soon as possible.

Funny, it's the only one she has that's not an enabler.

The booze detector permanently fixed to her ankle is the subject of much irritation for LiLo, who's living clean and sober at the Betty Ford clinic.

Ankle Monitor Bound

FREE LINDSAY: Come on. That left ankle needs to breathe.

"Lindsay wants her ankle monitor device off - now," a source close to her. "She's been pleading with her lawyer, counselors, anyone who will listen to her."

She's probably just bitter because of the time she tried to tamper with it and it bitched to the authorities. Or just "because it's very uncomfortable."

Lohan, who spent just 13 days of a 90-day jail term in July for violating probation, was sent back after failing court-ordered drug test for cocaine.

An appeals court reversed Judge Elden Fox's decision, however, provided the train wreck be outfitted with a SCRAM bracelet again. Which she was.

But now that she's in rehab, there's nothing to worry about - save for Michael Lohan falling off the wagon on purpose to join her - so why wear it?

"Lindsay doesn't understand why she has to wear the SCRAM, as she voluntarily checked in and she is tested for drugs at Betty Ford," a source said.

Looks like she's SOL for at least a week, though, and not because of the (bogus) report that she tried to break out of rehab. The reason is simple:

"Lindsay will have to wear the bracelet until her next hearing on October 22 and could be forced to wear it for as long as Judge Fox makes her."

Maybe it's for the best. Can she stay clean this time?

Yes, she's learned her lesson by now!
No, she's spineless, weak and surrounded by enablers!
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