Friday, April 22, 2011

Latina Model Sabrina Jane

Latina Model Sabrina Jane

Sabrina Jane is a well-known name in the modeling industry. She has graced national magazine covers and calendars, with over 100 popular website features ( interviews, online magazines, galleries, hosting and bio sites ). She's done photoshoots for just about everything under the sun. She's done tons of promotional work, been on weekly club fliers for years working as a guest model host or dancer, she's walked the runways, worked at the best spots and shot with the best photographers. She doesn't do it for any other reason than she can and to get paid.

Her most recent work is Sunset Beauties Calendar 2010, Cover of Lowrider Magazine & Cover of Performance & Autosound Magazine coming out in 2010. As well as many features in other national magazines like SuperStreet & Race Pages. You can pick up these magazines up at any local store.

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