Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lavi in Low Hip Saree....HSBB Hot, Sexy, Bold & Beautiful, Southern Mera Bharat

Women looks graceful in the Indian attire Saree - the 6-yard drape! The look more feminine and sexy in the saree, specially if they wear it well. Women prefer to wear the saree a bit low hip, showing their navel and deep belly. It has gone a bit deeper and deeper down the belly line - till it reaches the pantie lines.
Telugu Movie Industry has brought in lot of belles who wear saree deep down the belly line, showing their sexy hip and the navel. Presenting to you here is Telugu Spicy Actress in blue Saree. She wearing it real deep down the navel. She look beautiful and marvelous in this blue saree. She has nice fit body that suit this saree.

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