Thursday, March 5, 2009

Madhavi Latha....HSBB Hot, Sexy, Bold & Beautiful, Southern Mera Bharat

Telugu Movies always welcome new faces. There some production houses who do not hesitate to launch new faces. They bring strong scripts and story line and cast new hero and heroines.
It is always risky business cast new stars - without any star value. But the advantage of casting new comers many. First is fee. Big stars draw big salary and big fees which are sky high. Second advantage is the dates. Big stars are busy with several projects and they don't have bulk dates. Whereas new stars, they give bulk dates. Also there is no tantrum thrown by these new entrants.
Madhavi Latha, a new comer has done couple of movies already. And she is too willing to look glamorous. Here are collection of some exotic photos of Madhavi Latha. Some of her snaps are in saree which are very gorgeous and as well as sexy. She is happy to show her deep belly and navel.

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