Thursday, March 5, 2009

Suprena....HSBB Hot, Sexy, Bold & Beautiful, Southern Mera Bharat

A New face Actress who looks like a village beauty having beautiful smile has just landed to the Indian film industry. She is a Kollywood (Tamil Actress) Heroine. Her name is Suprena, does that sound a little difficult to remember. Suprena ...Suprena... Dont mistake her to the very famous Old malayalam actress Suparna who acted in Vaishali. Never mind she will become more familiar to everyone very soon. Not much of her biography is available as she is a new comer into cinema world. You can see how much good looking she is in that Half saree photo. Tamil heroines are very cute and much different than Bollywood Actress who mostly act in films wearing modern dress where as most people love to see them in Saree.

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