Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Few stand out in long, uneventful ‘Idol’ show

Few stand out in long, uneventful ‘Idol’ show

Besides Magnus, Bowersox and Lynche, everyone else was just kinda ‘eh’

Image: Siobhan Magnus
On a night when most of the performers were mediocre, Siobhan Magnus hit all the right notes with her version of the Rolling Stones "Paint It Black."

By Craig Berman contributor
updated 11:13 p.m. ET, Tues., March. 16, 2010

Two hours is a very long time to commit to a television show. Add the interactivity element to it, as “American Idol” does, and you’re asking viewers to spend their entire after-dinner evening watching relative unknowns cover Rolling Stones tunes, and then pick up the phones to vote and text for their favorites.

Sometimes, that is a lot to ask. Even for a seasoned professional like myself, Tuesday was one of those nights where I looked at the end-of-the-show recap and thought, “Oh, yeah,Casey James did sing something tonight, didn’t he?” These are episodes where everyone blends together unless they really stand out, for good or ill.

So on a night where nobody was terrible enough to be the obvious choice to go home, the question becomes who was memorable enough to rest easy?

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