Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meet the New John Mayer?

John MayerLester Cohen/Getty Images

Who would have thought the words sexual napalm could be so life changing? First off, it put Jessica Simpson back on the radar (conveniently before her press tour for her new show), and it also solidified John Mayeras possibly one of the sluttiest of slutty men in Hollywood.

After Mayer's Playboy interview, many began to question whether his sex-and-tell could be a career kiss of death. With multiple onstage teary apologies for being an asshole and claiming to "quit the media game," John's breakdowns sounded like he was ready to stop being such a douche.

Talk is cheap in this town, but messy Mayer's behavior at a Hollywood to-do last night may prove otherwise:

Mayer lent that über-talented voice of his to charity, performing at the Fleur de Lys estate in Beverly Hills. The first Ferrari 458 Italia in North America was being auctioned off with all proceeds going to the William J. Clinton Foundation and Catholic Medical Mission board to support their work in Haiti.

John, who is currently on tour, flew all the way back to L.A. after a show in Atlanta for his one-night performance. Score one for effort.

As the party started, the notoriously chatty J.M. skipped out on press and just took photos. We know, we were shocked too! He hung out with a couple of guys skimming the Ferraris on display rather than with a few hard-bodied girls lingering around him.

Around 8:20, Jennifer Aniston's ex-beau took the stage and sang and strummed about six songs, including "Your Body Is a Wonderland."

"It was a big hit, but a lot of people made fun of me [for this song]," Mayer joked about his sensitive love ballad. Shocking that this is the same raunchy guy we all now know.

After ending the show, John thanked the crowd and said, "Now I'm ready to come drink with all of you!"

Uh-oh, party boy's back, huh? Totally wrong.

John walked off the stage, took pics with a few guests (including Katie Cassidy, who ran over for a photo op with him) and was ready to leave the party.

But what about those drinks?

"No, no drinks for me," John said as he was exiting the gigantic estate. "I'm heading back to work. I'm off to fly."

Mayer is due in Memphis, Tenn., for a concert tonight.

So what do you all think:

Is this new and mature John for real, or are we just catching him in the middle of his PR comeback campaign?

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