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Gerard Butler and America Ferrera Roar Breaths of Fire at 'Dragon' Premiere
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Bolts of lightning, balls of fire, and piercingly sharp fangs are just some of the in-your-face 3D graphics that comprise 'How to Train Your Dragon.' Gerard Butler gave his signature Scottish flair as the voice of Stoick and shared his rave review with ET.

"I was blown away by this whole experience visually, emotionally. The originality, it was just really an enthralling movie," Gerry said compassionately of the animated feature.

Based on a children's book, 'Dragon' is a heartwarming story of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) struggling to earn the respect of his strong, powerful father. Determined to prove himself worthy to his doubtful dad and villagers, the young Viking boy tries to slay an elusive breed of dragon that no Viking has laid eyes on before. In a touching turn of events, the boy befriends the creature he sought to harm and proves to the other Vikings that the reptiles are maybe not so dangerous after all.

America Ferrera (Astrid) has fond memories of animated movies in her childhood and enthusiastically "jumped right on board" when DreamWorks extended an offer for her to suit up in armored gear. While not busy fending off dragons, the "Ugly Betty" star is preparing for the series finale of the show that made her a household name, calling it "bittersweet" and thanking the devoted fans that kept them on the air for four years.

Put on your stylish 3D glasses and saddle up for an adventurous, eye-popping ride when 'Dragon' whooshes into theaters on Friday, March 26.

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